Cruise Travel For Physical Fitness Or A Spa Vacation

You really want to take a cruise but you also really want to go to a spa for physical fitness and maybe a little pampering.  In the world today you can do both. Years ago you were lucky to find a spa on a cruise ship.  If there was one, it was in a really remote area of the ship.  As for physical fitness there was very little equipment and most of it was tired.  When people started to become more conscious of their looks and health the cruise lines revised their way of thinking.  Cruise travel now can double as a spa vacation as well as learning a new physical fitness program.

The newer cruise ships have gone to great lengths to accommodate the cruise passenger who also wants to beautify and tone up. The cruise lines have installed state of the art equipment, added numerous exercise classes, and offer the newest beauty treatments available.  Many of the cruise lines have relocated their fitness centers to the top decks of the ships with lots of windows so you can have a view while you are on the treadmill, bike, or lifting weights.  Tucked up into the corner is a big TV so you can watch the news from back home.  The cruise ships now have three distinct areas, one for fitness, one for spa treatments and one for the beauty salon.

As mentioned, the fitness centers on cruise ships are now a thing to behold.  They all will definitely have treadmills, Stairmasters, free weights rowing machines and bikes.  Some cruise lines even have complete Nautilus machines.  Popular exercise machines, especially on sea days, may require you to sign up for a particular time of day and will limit the amount of time you can use the machine.

If you want to use your cruise travel as a vehicle to start an exercise regime there are physical trainers onboard.  Their services, however, will cost you extra.  The trainer will ask you lots of questions about your health and diet and then will come up with a personal regime for you.  He or she will then book times through the week for you to work together.

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